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If you started a new online business, or you just tired of losing to your competitors in organic search, then speak to us and we will do an SEO competitor analysis.

In SEO, competitor analysis is one of the most important topics. Competitor analysis must be done before an SEO strategy is determined!

The depth and detail of the analysis depend on the sector you are in and the general situation of the competitors. In what kind of links are you competitors strong? Which keywords are they successful in? What are they doing about content and on-site SEO? These questions should be addressed in detail.

When you do this kind of work for your SEO strategy, you can clearly see where you are in the industry, and what you need to do to play leadership clearly.

It is really difficult for an SEO strategy created without a competitor analysis to bring success! Your SEO expectations will not be met. So, it is recommended to contact TWG Digital Marketing.

When you perform a competitor analysis, you will be familiar with the following:

  • Proven SEO strategies specific to your industry
  • Keywords you will compete with
  • What kind of studies did your competitors do for successful links?
  • What kind of competition is there about the content?
  • What kind of on-page SEO practices did the competitors do?
  • What are the weak points in your competitors’ strategies?
  • How to plan your strategy for the long term?
  • What concrete steps should be taken to prevent competitors?

The following 3 issues are very important for an effective competitor analysis!

  1. Technical SEO
  2. Content
  3. Links

What SEO Strategies bring Success in your industry?

Successful practices may differ for each sector. So, it is useful to clarify this issue. The SEO strategies that can put you on top of Google are links, content and having a crawlable website.

When you work on your strategy, you will encounter strong and weak points. These strong and weak points, may apply to your competitors or to you.

Once you catch your competitors weak spot, it will be clear what you need to do to get ahead. Do not focus on a single competitor! For example, let’s say, you face an opponent in a single category, just like kiteboards.

Do not focus your strategy only on these and similar narrow areas. The wider you keep your competition pitch (the more you can), the better your chances of promoting on Google. Because you are addressing a wider range. (Kiteboards, Kites, Lines, Footstraps, Harnesses, Wetsuits, etc….)

Identify keywords that drive traffic to competitor’s websites. If one of the competitors have reached the top in Google, you should analyse how he might have achieved it.

Competitor SEO Analysis is not guessing!

This is not a guessing game. Your feet should be on the ground with concrete figures and data! The world of SEO contains in itself many proven strategies. When a correct analysis is revealed, whether the current strategy can bring success or not, it is predictable beforehand! But this result is more than just guessing because it is based on real data.

What Is Keyword Competitor Analysis?

Analyse your competitor’s keyword status. Which keywords can drive you traffic? In this process, you must have concrete data!

Regarding the relevant keywords, uncover your strengths and weaknesses. In fact, it is useful to do a through analysis for each title.

In this process, the most useful tactic is knowing what customers are looking for on Google. If you know that, you’re very close to success! For better results, consult TWG Digital Marketing